Best Multiplayer Mobile Apps That Can Be Played Over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

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Mobile multiplayer games are a great way to bond with friends. Whether the game is simple and free, or advanced for a fee, games over wifi and bluetooth are becoming increasingly fun and available for Android and IOS systems. These six games are optimal for either system, and are capable of multiplayer mode on wifi or bluetooth.

1. Spaceteam – Get Together With Friends to Save Your Spaceship

Spaceteam involves navigating your way through complicated predicaments during space travel with teamwork. With friends you can maneuver your spaceship in order to do damage control and attempt to get to safety. This game can be hectic, but is bound to get your energy up with your friends. The best part is that Spaceteam is completely free.

2. Real Racing 3 – Push the Pedal Against Friends On Facebook

Real Racing can be played on wifi or bluetooth, but also requires you to log in through Facebook to complete. You can race against your friends in real-time or even race your best time and leave it to your friends to beat that time later on. This is another free game for you and your friends to enjoy on Android or IOS.

3. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – Make the Mission the Priority Amongst Comrades

Any fan of first person shooter games will enjoy Modern Combat 4. This is a great multiplayer game for friends, but it costs more than most games at $6.99. This games has the feel of first person shooter console games, which is why it’s more expensive. It comes with multiple settings for battle such as capture the flag, king of the hill, or getting outright kills.

4. Muffin Knight – Take a Quest To Best Your Friends In Battle

Muffin Knight is great because you can quest on your own to get a higher level and then battle and play with friends. It’s low-cost at $0.99, and worth every penny for your entertainment. Unlike Modern Combat 4, this is a more classic take on video games adapted to the mobile platform. Enjoy questing and attaining unique weapons with friends.

5. Draw Something – Paint Pictures and Prove Your Artistry Amongst Friends

Draw Something is one of the most popular multiplayer games, and tends to generate many laughs and inside jokes among friends. It’s moderately priced at $2.99, but affords a lot of bonding for its price. Choose the option you have most confidence in drawing and see if your friend can figure out what you’re going for. For some it’s a way to show off, and for others it’s an exploration of unknown skill.

6. Chess Time – Hone Your Skills With Rivals and New Opponents

Who says multiplayer mobile games have to be an adaptation of modern or classic video games. You can go even more old school with the free Chess Time game and pit yourself against friends and strangers to see which one of you is the best strategist. Chess Time has rankings and allows you to tailor the game to your wants and needs as a competitor. It’s one of the more perplexing games, but allows you to get in your friend’s head.


Multiplayer mobile gaming is a fun way to connect with a close group of friend while everyone’s schedules are full. With wifi and bluetooth gaming for Android or IOS compatible games, you can enjoy playing with your friends over a lunch break. These six games vary in price range, but all provide a window of opportunity for competition and camaraderie.

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