Brief history of Broadcom

Broadcom Corporation is an American based semiconductor company dealing only in the wireless and broadband communication industry. The company has headquarter in Irvine, headed by a professor-student pair named Henry Samueli and Henry T. Nicholas III who qualified from the University of California, Los Angelesin the year 1991. The company moved from Westwood, Californiaoffice to Irvine, California in the year 1995. Broadcom became a public company on the NASDAQ exchange ticker symbol- BRCMin 1998 and now employs around 11,750 people global in more than fifteen countries.

Broadcom Corporation – Revenue generation in response to its market.

Broadcom is among Gartner’s Top 10 Semiconductor Merchants by revenue. In 2012, Broadcom’s total revenue was $8.01 billion. In 2013, Broadcom was No. 327 on the list of Fortune 500, climbing 17 places from the year 2012 and ranking no. 344.Broadcom first counted itself on the Fortune 500 list in 2009. The Broadcom logo was exclusively designed by Eliot Hochberg, created on the logo of the company’s earliername, Broadband Telecom.

Way back in 1993- Broadcom Corporation.

Back in the year 1993 Scientific-Atlanta selected Broadcom as their designer for designing Cable-TV digital demodulation system, for set top boxes of Time Warner Corp. Broadcom redesigned the erstwhile 3 chip architecture of the existing system, to a single chip module within the span of next one year’s time. This success story was however battered when Broadcom wanted to engage 3Com as their customer, but was dismissed in the first conference with the client as a small player working in this field of technological expertise. However Broadcom retuned once again into the arena within the next few months with their 100BaseT Ethernet chip which generated ten times faster networking speed than the current 10BaseT Ethernet standards which were available at that time.

Later on in 1995, Broadcom designed the first 10/100BaseT Ethernet dual speed controller in the global market. With this giant step in Ethernet technology, Broadcom became instrumental in designing high speed networking, Fast Ethernet strategy aids in collaboration with companies like AR&T, National Instruments and Texas Instruments Corp. With this strategic technological collaborations, Broadcom as a company became capable of protecting their QAM technology, as the standard benchmarking for all digital cable transmissions in the US.

Mission of Broadcom

Broadcom Corporation’s mission as a company is to enable and inspire its employees of all ages to enter and expand in the carrier pertaining to Engineering, Math (STEM) and above all digital communication Technology. This vision of Broadcom is further amplified through the establishment of Broadcom Foundation, which has partnership with local schools, technological institutions, and freelance academics and also several non profit technology based organizations all around the globe.

This Foundation has also created the Broadcom Masters Program, which runs in partnership with Society for Science & the Public hosting national and international science and engineering conferences and seminars all around the globe. Broadcom is also well known for providing charitable educational endowments to volunteers and participants those who supports technical educations. Broadcom’s C-Technologies plays a vital role in bringing Ethernet presentation to hybrid data midpoints which enterprises link of this firm with the global consumer electronics markets. Right from backhauling to bandwidth applications, from automobile to appliances, from GPS to GPON along with processors for power lines and set top boxes to Smartphone, Broadband is a global technological giant which connects everything.

Broadcom Corporation in US includes more than 24 lines of technological businesses and holds leadership in nearly a dozen telecommunication products in the technology market.

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Broadcom Products

To name a few Broadcom produces includes ICs for accessing carriers, video and also audio processors for digital set top boxes, digitally designed video recorders, Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth transceivers and Tuners and Radio Frequency receivers for Satellite TVs.

Few of the notable customers of Broadcom Corp includes Nokia Siemens Networks, Apple, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, IBM,, Nintendo, Logitech, Cisco Systems, Linksys, Nortel(Avaya) and Tenda
Broadcom has products which are manufactured for SOHO (Small Office & Home Office) networking, Broadcom is also known for manufacturing a sequence of high speed coprocessors needed for encryption of data, which are capable of speeding up tasks that need encryption as a part of their applications.
Broadcom’s products have several practical benefits in the field of e-commerce and also PGP secure communication systems.

Notable Employees

  • Henry Samueli
  • Gottfried Ungerboeck, inventor of trellis coded modulation
  • Henry T. Nicholas III
  • Sophie Wilson, designer of the ARM CPU instruction set
  • Larry Wall, inventor of the Perl programming language.


Over the past two decades, Broadcom has acquired nearly 50 companies, expanding its technology proficiency, market, existence and assurance to constant innovation. Broadcom’s recent acquisitions has expanded its horizons for manufacturing of technologically advanced SoC telecommunication solutions which is capable of delivering data, voice and video in residential broadband gateways and also in the field of wireless communication applications.

Broadcom’s Corporate Timeline

Broadcom chip

  • Broadcom launches world’s highest presentation multi-core communications processors
  • Broadcom completes attainment of LTE-related assets from affiliates of Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Broadcom controls new Comcast X1 cloud-based TV experience
  • Broadcom influences world’s first Android 4.0 set-top box along with Google Mobile Services
  • Broadcom broadcasts new StrataXGSmodification to top 10 Gigabit Ethernet into mobile backhaul networks
  • Broadcom reveals world’s first UltraHD TV home-based gateway chip
  • Broadcom Establishment and Society for Science and the public announcement of Broadcom MASTERS 2013 national science as fair winners
  • Broadcom empowers first LG 5G WiFi digital televisions
  • Broadcom proclaims Michael Hurlston as Managerial Vice President of Worldwide Sales.
  • Broadcom presents industry’s smallest radical 4G LTE modem for smartphone and tablet market.

Over the last few decades, Broadcom has expanded its operations in the mobile applications arcade, and has also entered into several trading agreements with key traders in China and other parts of the world offering wireless networking solutions and Bluetooth technology.

Broadcom Corporations annual chip manufacturing output is over 2 Billion units which can be found in all homes and networking places all across the world.

Broadcom is not only one of the biggest manufactures of chips and but it is also a leading name in innovations pertaining to communication technology.

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