6 layout types of mechanical keyboards

Making the Switch to Mechanical Keyboards – And Never Looking Back

6 layout types of mechanical keyboardsLaptop keyboards simply cannot match that satisfying and predictable ‘clicks,’ as produced by mechanical keyboard. When you are typing up the storm for hours on ends, the types of keyboards you use does make a difference.

According to Mech Type, mechanical keyboard has significantly longer life span than the membrane type. The non-mechanical keyboards only last just 5 million key presses, compared to upwards of 70 million registered clicks.

So if you are an avid typist , it can be a good investment to have a good mechanical keyboard that you can rely on.

I myself have made the switch to wireless mechanical keyboards years ago and haven’t looked back.

Like most tools, there is no single best mechanical keyboard in the market. Only what is right for you and your purpose. For instance, having a numeric keypad is a must for accountants for quickly inputting series of numbers.

Another hype to avoid is thinking a keyboard marketed as gaming keyboards to have a significant advantage over non-gaming mechanical keyboards. There are many back-lit mechanical keyboards that will have minimal input lag even compared to high-end gaming keyboards. The most important factor is how comfortable you feel when using it, so make sure to try out as many mechanical keyboards as you can at your local retail stores.

This article from University of Massachusettes at Amherst is a good read to get an introduction on mechanical keyboards.

One factor people often underestimate about mechanical keyboards are their decibel level. If you work in a quiet work environment, the noise level produced is a factor to consider.

typing on unsatisfying rubber dome keyboards

There are many types of switches to consider and it would be wise for you to research them before you decide on your next purchase.

The most common types are called ‘rubber dome,’ and these tend to be the cheaper types that has short lifespan.Consider Topre, which has an elegant tactile feel to it. Another good switch type that is popular now is Cherry MX that has a good balance of options, durability and feel.

Below is an excellent infographics for those in the market for a new mechanical keyboard.

mechanical keyboard buyers guide infographics

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