How to Retrieve Your Forgotten Wi-Fi Password

In order to protect your wireless internet connections from being tampered by unauthorized sources; one is required to input a WAP key, which is the password that is needed for securing wireless networks. In general, once you get your system hooked on to the Wi-Fi wireless router, one is asked to key in the security password or the WPA code. However once the code has been accepted, the password is automatically remembered by the system. So it is not needed to reenter the password once again.

But sometimes you may find that you require the WPA key from time to time. Often this happens when you need to connect your wireless connection to another new system, or per say, use your wireless internet to get connected to your favorite online gaming system. At times, your working computer may also ask you to re-enter the password for myriad reasons. Now, if you find that you have forgotten the password you may encounter a lot of difficulties in order to retrieve the WPA key.

However, there are a few tricks which often work to make your task simpler. Here are a series of step that you can execute to find your wireless internet’s password:

  • Primarily hook up your computer or laptop to the router using any standard Ethernet cable those that are readily available in the market.
  • Secondly open any internet browser application and type into the web browser’s address bar. Most of the routers in general use this IP address.
  • If the above procedure fails to generate any result, you may also find out your wireless router’s IP address by consulting your router’s user manual guide book.
  • Once you have entered the right IP in the browser, you will be asked to input the “Username” and the “Password”.
  • In most cases, the Username is “admin” and so is the Password.
  • If this fails you can look into the router’s settings, find the “Security” tab. Generally the WPA key is displayed over here.

Take a look at this video for a more visual guide:

There is also another effective way by which one can retrieve the wireless router’s WPA password. In this second option, you need to download the software “WirelessKey View” and install it in your computer which is capable of connecting to the wireless networking system.

All this software needs to relocate your password is the network information that is already stored in your computer to find out your lost WPA key.

WiFi passwordIf all the above these above procedures fails to bring your wireless internet connection alive, the last resort for circumventing this problem is to totally reset the router, as this method is far less intrusive.

To do this, you need to locate the reset button which is usually located at the back of the unit. Next use the pointed edge of a pen or a pencil or even a pin to press the switch for 30 seconds. After realizing the button, a router can need as long as sixty to ninety seconds to reboot the machine and start functioning once again.

This process is known as “hard reset”.

Sometimes ‘power recycling’ is also used for restoring connectivity in the router, This is done by switching the router ‘off’ for 30 seconds and then plugging it ‘on’, which helps the router to recover from glitches such as corruption of its internal memory which is often caused by overheating of the unit.

In order to troubleshoot on internet connectivity, sometimes you may also open the cable between the router and the broadband modem by physically unplugging the unit and then reconnect it after a few seconds. This is called ‘soft reset’ and is also an effective way for restoring the connection between the modem and the ISP.

Lastly, some modern routers also have “Restore Factory Default” or “Reset Securities” button on their WI-FI console screen which helps in resetting the unit.

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