Miitomo and Keeping Your Tabs on the Mobile Data Usage

Miitomo is taking the app world by the storm Since being entered into the app market in 2016, Miitomo lets your favorite Nintendo characters in the pixelated world of their own. Due to the popularity of this new app from Nintendo, gamers are using Miitomo hacks for free coins in record numbers. In some ways, Miitomo is a direct avatar to your gaming profile for Nintendo. You can basically link all your games with Miitomo and show you expansive game libraries and impress them.

Some technical aspects of Miitomo is a bit confusing and have raised a lot of questions. The key concern for the new players who download and install Miitomo is that how much mobile data it consumes. With the telcom companies trying to squeeze every dollar they can with tiered mobile data, it’s more important than ever to hawk and guard your mobile data usage. This is done to prevent any nasty surprises you may have by getting hit with a hefty data bill.

Sure, there is an option of only playing Miitomo on WIFI network and this is the top recommended suggestion for anyone concerned with bandwidth usage of the app. After monitoring the Miitomo’s data usage for over a period of one month, we’ve determined that it consumes on average about 5 to 50 MB of data. Of course, the usage can fluctuate depending on what you are actually doing. If you are uploading a lot of pictures and answering questions, back and forth, the data amount can add up!

There was no difference between Android and iOS when it comes to differentials in mobile data usage. However, due to the higher resolutions in iPhones, it seemed iOS devices tend to use about 10% more than Android. This could be a fluke but that’s the result we are reporting.

You can always use the mobile data warning apps to let you monitor the bandwidth usage with Miitomo. In fact, having a utility app that helps you manage the bandwidth is key to keeping your mobile data under the proposed caps.

Walt Smith

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