Our Top Recommended Free Wireless Network Monitoring Softwares

Almost everybody uses the internet these days and we are all basically connected to each other through the World Wide Web. Many companies have monitoring applications that manage and handle the network as well as monitor it for issues. Some administrators monitor their networks as a way to keep their security up and to know what is going on within it. Free wireless network monitoring software exists for those who want to manage their system and constantly check it without any cost. The following are highly recommended. Continue reading

Should You Set Up a Gigabit Home Network?

Explaining Gigabit Ethernet Networking

The term 1 GigE or GbE is used for describing a Gigabit Ethernet networking protocol. It is a technology which is used for transmitting Ethernet frames at a speed of 1 Gigabit per second. This can be more specifically described as 1,000,000,000 bits per second. The Gigabit Ethernet came into use in the year 1999. With the invention of 1 GigE, this faster Ethernet network slowly replaced the Fast Ethernet in wired networking due to its superior data transmission capabilities. Continue reading

4 Steps to make Wireless network invisible to others

Wherever you go, there is a pressing need to be connected to the Internet.  Whether you are subscribed to a data plan provider or if not, connected to a secure WIFI connection.  Why is this?  Because in this age, connectivity is everything, be it for business, school  or personal purposes.

The good thing with mobile devices that come out in the market is that these little devices come out powered with tethering capabilities, meaning, the user may simply turn on the device’s hotspot connection and instantly, the user becomes a provider of network connection to those within a certain vicinity. Continue reading

Google OKs Using Its Google Fiber as Home Servers

Broadband internet providers have been long been under the heinous practice of maximizing the profit by subjugating their customers to capped bandwidth and tiered speed cap. Let’s face it, the situation on high speed internet speed, cost and availability in the U.S. resemble that of a third world country. This is unfortunate as it imposes severe restrictions on the progress of the innovations that can arise from the internet. Continue reading