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Best Hydroid Builds – A Beginners Guide

Warframe Hydroid Build

Like other Warframe Builds, Hydroid is one of the Warframes which is loved by many players. Hydroid is a water-based Warframe Build with unique skill sets and ability strength. With his ultimate abilities, Hydroid Build can control water and uncovers monstrous tentacles against his rivals.

The passive ability of Hydroid is Deep Tendril which engenders a chance to surrender a tentacle from the melee attack. Those who love destroying things in a great approach will choose this Warframe Build. Are you the one who loves Hydroid? Looking for the best Hydroid Builds. You’re in the right place. 

Best Hydroid Builds

Usually, Warframe Hydroid is used in a premade farming group. Hence, you need not required to use an Energy siphon or Rejuvenation. To get a perfect Warframe Hydroid Build you need to consider the following things. In case, if you are planning to go for a solo mission, then choosing an aura will be good enough.

The abilities strength of the Hydroid build will have some effects on the tidal surge, tempest barrage, and base damage. Below, we’ve provided some guidelines to get the best Harrow Builds. Make use of the recommended builds for Hydroid on Warframe.

Pilfering Hydroid Build

As we mentioned earlier, Warframe Hydroid is used for farming groups. Hence, make use of Pilfering swarm ability which is the primary part of the Hydroid Build. While the rivals are attached to tentacles, Pilfering Hydroid offers an added energy drop. All you required to do is press 4 and hold for some moments in order to release the Tentacle Swarm ability. Overall, it is quite a dedicated and clean Hydroid build that can be used for farming. 

Using Pilfering Hydroid Build will increase the youRange ability and duration ability. These two abilities are quite enough to kill high-level foes. The strength ability of the Hydroid build is pretty enough to handle the low-level mobs. The blend of these three abilities is good for survivability. Also, to add more strength to the build, use Forma and mods like Sacrifice or Umbral Intensify. 

Undertaking Hydroid Build

Undertowing is a standard and balanced Hydroid Build. But to get the Build, you need a solid tank in order to deal with the damage amount. Even, you can trap the rivals in your path by pressing 3 and hold it. This will transform you into the water. For other foes who are not on the Hydroid path, use the tentacles to hook it up. We suggest you make use of the ultimate ability while in water to deal with a lot of damages that the rivals who are trapped inside the pool. 

Furthermore, Undertaking Hydroid Build is pretty familiar and similar to the Pilfering Hydroid Build. So, you can deal a good amount of rage and strength to kill your foes. Equip this Undertaking Hydroid Build and destroy your foes in the battleground.

Final Words

Hydroid Build, the deadly Warframe which is used for farming resources. Equip the suitable Hydroid Build which will make you a perfect Warframe Build. Enhance your Warframe with any of these Builds and destroy your enemies in the battleground.

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How To Get QR Codes In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

QR Codes in Pokemon

This article is about the methods that a player can follow in order to get QR codes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, developed by Game Freak and published by ‘The Pokémon Company’ and ‘Nintendo’ for playing on the Nintendo 3DS, was launched worldwide on 17th November 2017. The game was developed as a part of the seventh generation of the Pokémon video game series and are enhanced versions of the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. 

The game follows the journey of a young Pokémon trainer in the Alola region (Hawaii) and the game remains the same as in the previous installments. The slight differences lie in the use of an alternate storyline along with some new gameplay characters and features, Pokémon as well as new version mascots of legendary Pokémon characters. 

Pokemon QR codes:

One of the favorite features of the game is that of the QR codes which enable the player to scan these codes in order to catch new Pokémon. The player needs to have a little progress in the game before he can unlock this feature and get access to the QR Scanner in the game.

The best part about these QR scanners is that the players can use the Nintendo 3DS camera to scan the QR codes available in the real world along with the ones available in the game.

The game would successfully scan the real-world QR codes irrespective of whether they are related to the game or not and make some necessary calculations in order to attach a Pokémon to the scanned code. The players have a win-win situation here since scanning any QR code would give them something in return.

How It Works:

The Pokémon is registered as ‘seen’ in the Pokedex and the player can visit the in-game menu and locate the current habitat and location of the scanned Pokémon and move to the said location to catch the same.

The better option for scanning would be the QR codes available in the game. Each Pokémon has its own individual and unique QR code. One point that needs to be noted here is that scanning the QR code of a Pokémon does not entitle the player to own it.

However, the rules of the game permit the player to use the QR scanner 10 times a day and the player is awarded 10 points. Every 100 points collected by the scans would allow the player to then use the Island Scan feature in the game. 

The Island Scanner enables the player to catch a non-Alolan Pokémon that is available at the current island of the player. The player gets an hour to catch the Pokémon after he has started using the Island Scan and has only one chance at a battle to win it.

After this, the player has to wait for 2 hours before he can use this feature again. The player can access the Island Scan by going to the in-game menu and open the Island Scanner. He can now locate the Pokémon available for that day and he has the next 1 hour in order to catch it. 

How to get QR Codes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  • In order to view the QR codes for a Pokémon, the player can go to the Pokedex page.
  • Click on the page of a Pokémon after he has spotted one.
  • The screen will now open to view the QR code of the given Pokémon and scan it by using the Nintendo 3DSs camera functionality. 

Another way to get the QR codes is the multiple sites available online where these sites feature a complete list of QR codes for all the Pokémons available in the game.

Since the Nintendo 3DS camera allows the scanning of codes in the real world, the players can scan the codes from these sites and get the real-time location of that particular Pokémon.

He would be getting points for his scan and would soon be able to unlock the Island Scanner and capture the special Pokémon available in the game until and unless he successfully manages to complete the entire set.  This is how one can get QR Codes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


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