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How to Install and Customize Rainmeter Skins on Your PC

Rainmeter is a lightweight application for customizing the Windows desktop. Rainmeter works by installing “masks” created by the community, many of which can change the way the desktop works with widgets such as application launchers, RSS and email readers, calendars, weather reports, and more.

It has been in circulation since Windows XP, where it was used as a tool to display basic information about the desktop, but since then it has acquired a large community that has produced high-quality skinsthat can change the desktop experience complete.

How to install rainmeter

Rainmeter is an open-source program that can be downloaded from its official website. If you want the latest updates, you can also create it from the source code of your Github repository.

Rainmeter can also be installed in a portable way, but this is not recommended. The standard installation works perfectly.

The installation is simple, but make sure that “Start Rainmeter on startup” is selected, otherwise it will have to be restarted manually after a reboot.

After installing rainmeter  you should see new things on your desktop, showing new things like disk and CPU usage. This is the default Rainmeter mask.

To access the Rainmeter settings, right-click one of the masks and click “Manage Masks”. A window will appear listing all the installed masks. By clicking on “Active Masks”, you can manage them indi

You can change the location and settings of each mask. If you do not want it to be draggable, deselect “Trace” and click “Click”. This will also disable the context menu, but fortunately, Rainmeter adds an icon to the Windows toolbar, which also allows access to the menu.

Finding and installation of Rainmeter skins

The default Rainmeter mask is useful but quite boring. There are many sites to display Rainmeter masks, including DeviantArt,, and the Rainmeter subreddit. The “Top – All-Time” classification of Subreddit shows some of the best patterns and masks. The masks of these sites can be downloaded, mixed and combined at your choice. To know about best rainmeters skins and customizations, check out rainmeter skins and themes.

To install a skin, double-click the .rmskin file. The Rainmeter window will appear, allowing you to install and activate the mask. For some masks, there are many features. If you do not want to load everything at the same time, clear the “Load included skins” checkbox and Rainmeter will simply add them to your masks list.

Tweaks in Rainmeter

Rainmeter allows an incredible amount of customization. If you want to get your hands dirty with the code behind the skins, it’s not too complex. Right-click on a mask and press “Edit skin”, which will display a configuration file with many variable definitions.

For example, if you want to change the color of the outer edge of this watch, you can change the values ​​of the variable that controls it. Most skins have comments in the configuration file, so it’s easy to know what controls what.

Rainmeter alternatives

If you are on Mac or Linux, unfortunately, you have no luck, because there is no Rainmeter compilation for OS X or Linux. For Mac users, there is Geektool, which performs many of the same basic functions as displaying desktop information and some basic widgets, although no large community follows it, so the mask options are limited.

Geektool is also limited. much more oriented towards people familiar with the command line because it runs almost completely in bash scripts.

Final Words

So here is how to install and customize rainmeter based on your choices. We have given step by step installation with pictures for clear understanding. We hope this article helps.

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How to Jailbreak FireStick in 3 steps

jailbreak 3 steps

In this guide, we will show you how to jailbreak firestick.


 Firestick is an incredibly popular streaming device. This feature-rich device is a low-cost solution to convert any regular TV with HDMI compatibility into a smart TV. Firestick lets you stream content from a variety of online media and entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, and serval TV networks.

What is Firestick jailbreak?

Jailbreaking allows you to get third-party streaming apps that give you free access to all your favorite movies, live TV channels, sports and more. Yea! Jailbreaking a Firestick is totally legal.

How to Jailbreak Firestick?

Amazon Fire Stick jailbreak process isn’t exactly a cakewalk, it’s not some rocket either. I have broken this process easier, just make sure you follow the instructions exactly as provided and you will have a jailbroken firestick within minutes. I have seen many people facing legal battles for selling jailbroken FireSticks.

Just follow the steps mentioned below and it will be able to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick easily.

Step 1: Setting Up FireStick for jailbreaking

  1. Select the Settings on the FireStick home-screen using your remote (option on the far right on the top).
  2.  Now click and select My Fire TV (or Device on FireSticks with older software).
  3. Open the Developer Options on the next screen.
  4. Now simply enable or switch ON the: Apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn on when prompted.

Step 2: Install the File Explorer on FireStick

ES File Explorer happens to be a wonderful File Manager application. At the same time, it is also a very handy side-loading tool for amazon firestick. This app is free and you can download it from the Amazon App Store easily.

You will need ES File Explorer to jailbreak FireStick and install different streaming apps on it. You can download it easily within a minute from the Amazon App Store, for free.

  1. Go to the FireStick home-screen and use your remote to select the Search option in the top-right corner of the display.
  2. Now search for ES File Explorer using the on-screen keypad. Click on the ES File Explorer when you see it in the search result. 
  3. Click on the ES File Explorer icon on the next screen and Download on the screen that follows.
  4. Now, open to launch the ES File Explorer app.

Step 3: Jailbreak FireStick

         Installing Kodi is the last and final step to jailbreaking FireStick. Kodi is a media application, which gives you access to the huge world of free entertainment. It allows you to watch your favorite Movies, Shows, TV channels, Sports, and a lot more. Yes, now you can stream anything you want. All you need is the right Kodi Add-ons and Builds.

We will be jailbreak FireStick with Kodi using the ES File Explorer app that you just downloaded from the Amazon Store.

  1. Click the Downloader icon on the right part of the home screen, in the ES file explorer.
  2. Click +New in the bottom.
  3.  Enter the following URL where it says path:
  4. Type Kodi 18 in the name section.
  5. Click on the Download Now.
  6. Wait for the ES File Explorer app to download the Kodi 18.3 APK
  7. Click on the Open File and Install.
  8. Click Install on the window that appears next.
  9. Wait for the Kodi app to install and it should not take more than a minute.
  10. App Installed notification will confirm that Kodi has been installed on FireStick.

Great! Now your Firestick is Jailbroken.



So, that is how you will jailbreak FireStick with Kodi and gain access to unlimited free content for nonstop streaming. The jailbreak is not only easy but also completely risk-free. If you run into any trouble, feel free to drop us a comment below. We will do our best to take care of our issues.

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Why AdSpy is The NO.1 SPY Tool in the Market

Why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool in the market.

To break through in the highly dynamic online marketing arena, you need every advantage.

Nowadays, there is no digital marketing without Spy Tools. Spy Tools enable you to see what your competitors are doing. With any luck, you can tweak their strategies a little and experience the same level of success.

The market is chockfull of Spy Tools. Actually, the problem is not if you can find a Spy Tool; the problem is which one you should choose.

To help you along, today we will review one of the best Spy Tools in the market; AdSpy!

What is AdSpy and How Does it Work?

AdSpy is a sort of double-blessing. It is both a Facebook Spy Tool and a PPC tool.

In essence, AdSpy cracks open social media platforms to reveal the best Ads that you need to see.

It has the largest database of Ads in the market with over 75 million Ads, 12 million Advertisers, across 198 countries.

AdSpy enables you to view and copy your competitor’s Ads and leverage the two largest social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram.

You can rest assured that if there is an Ad worth seeing, AdSpy has it.

AdSpy Features

The best way to gauge the functionality of a Spy Tool is to understand the best features. Here are AdSpy’s most outstanding features.

1. Big Data

As earlier stated, AdSpy has the largest database of Ads. This database is ever expanding.

For this reason, be assured that you are reviewing all the Ads available because… in their own words;

“Leave no stone unturned”

2. Enhanced Basic Search

With AdSpy’s Enhanced Basic Search, you can search for pretty much anything. You can search by Ad Text, Advertiser’s Name, Number of Likes or Type of Device.

After the results are in, you can filter by Last Seen, Impressions or how long the Ad has been running among others.

In a nutshell, AdSpy Enhanced Basic Search can be as simple or as complex as you want.

3. Search by Keywords

Who knew you can search for Ads using only social media interaction?

Well, you can!

AdSpy enables you to cleverly place Keyword Searches into social media comments. This way, you can spy on how customers react to certain Ads.

Also, you can see how your competitors interact with their audience.

4. In-depth Demographics

We all know the importance of targeting in digital marketing. In essence, you want to reach the right audience at the right time in order to get conversions.

AdSpy helps you see which demographics your competitors are working. This is important in revealing if you are targeting the right audience.

Who knows, there could be a whole new demographic you never thought to target!

This articles only covers the basic features. There are a lot more things to know about Adspy tool.

AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy has one of the simplest pricing methods.

There is a single package at $149 a month for unlimited access to all AdSpy features.

Hurry and Grab our AdSpy Coupon to get the Best Offer!

AdSpy rewards you with Free Credits once you sign-up. The Free Credits are their way of giving a Free Trial. Use the Free Credits to get a feel of how AdSpy works. So what are you waiting for!

Final Thoughts

AdSpy is a giant in the Spy Tool business. You will definitely get your money’s worth if you get on board.

However, as we earlier stated, it’s a competitive market for Spy Tools. Do your research and find the best one for your business. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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