4 Steps to make Wireless network invisible to others

Wherever you go, there is a pressing need to be connected to the Internet.  Whether you are subscribed to a data plan provider or if not, connected to a secure WIFI connection.  Why is this?  Because in this age, connectivity is everything, be it for business, school  or personal purposes.

The good thing with mobile devices that come out in the market is that these little devices come out powered with tethering capabilities, meaning, the user may simply turn on the device’s hotspot connection and instantly, the user becomes a provider of network connection to those within a certain vicinity. Continue reading

6 layout types of mechanical keyboards

Making the Switch to Mechanical Keyboards – And Never Looking Back

6 layout types of mechanical keyboardsLaptop keyboards simply cannot match that satisfying and predictable ‘clicks,’ as produced by mechanical keyboard. When you are typing up the storm for hours on ends, the types of keyboards you use does make a difference.

According to Mech Type, mechanical keyboard has significantly longer life span than the membrane type. The non-mechanical keyboards only last just 5 million key presses, compared to upwards of 70 million registered clicks.

So if you are an avid typist , it can be a good investment to have a good mechanical keyboard that you can rely on.

I myself have made the switch to wireless mechanical keyboards years ago and haven’t looked back.

Like most tools, there is no single best mechanical keyboard in the market. Only what is right for you and your purpose. For instance, having a numeric keypad is a must for accountants for quickly inputting series of numbers.

Another hype to avoid is thinking a keyboard marketed as gaming keyboards to have a significant advantage over non-gaming mechanical keyboards. There are many back-lit mechanical keyboards that will have minimal input lag even compared to high-end gaming keyboards. The most important factor is how comfortable you feel when using it, so make sure to try out as many mechanical keyboards as you can at your local retail stores.

This article from University of Massachusettes at Amherst is a good read to get an introduction on mechanical keyboards.

One factor people often underestimate about mechanical keyboards are their decibel level. If you work in a quiet work environment, the noise level produced is a factor to consider.

typing on unsatisfying rubber dome keyboards

There are many types of switches to consider and it would be wise for you to research them before you decide on your next purchase.

The most common types are called ‘rubber dome,’ and these tend to be the cheaper types that has short lifespan.Consider Topre, which has an elegant tactile feel to it. Another good switch type that is popular now is Cherry MX that has a good balance of options, durability and feel.

Below is an excellent infographics for those in the market for a new mechanical keyboard.

mechanical keyboard buyers guide infographics

5 Things Learned After Recent Amazon Cloud Outage

Cloud technology is the technology of the future. Companies store information online at remote locations. Users access the data by logging on to the Internet, meaning they can work from anywhere. The benefits are obvious… companies don’t have to invest in expensive network servers and the staff to maintain them.

But nothing is perfect. Here are five things to know about Amazon’s Cloud DynamoDB outage.

1. On September 20 at 2:19 a. m. PDT, Amazon’s U.S.-East data center experienced service outages causing slowdowns and service disruptions for some of their big-name clients, including: NetFlix, Instagram, Vine, Amazon’s own Alexa and Instant Video services

2. The problem was fixed in less than one hour. But it continues to impact Amazon and it’s clients. Estimates show Amazon lost as much as $1,100 in net sales per second.

3. Cloud providers recommend geographical redundancy. Customers should spread out their services among multiple data centers. If one goes down, the other maintains service. In practice, few companies employ this strategy. Why? Companies fear that having backup data centers will increase their costs.

4. Instagram is owned by Facebook and Vine is owned by Twitter. Both have their own cloud-based networks. Both have yet to bring these subsidiaries into their own networks. Maybe now they will.

5. One solution is for clients to “failover” to another Amazon region when US-East has service outages. They would have duplicate data in a second regional data center. But using a second center will cost more. Or clients can keep their own servers running as backup. However, this adds an estimated 25% or more to the cost of a cloud system.

Cloud computing is the technology of the future, but until geographical redundancy is the rule rather than the exception, it will continue to be a less than perfect business strategy.

Best Multiplayer Mobile Apps That Can Be Played Over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

father and son playing mobile games together

Mobile multiplayer games are a great way to bond with friends. Whether the game is simple and free, or advanced for a fee, games over wifi and bluetooth are becoming increasingly fun and available for Android and IOS systems. These six games are optimal for either system, and are capable of multiplayer mode on wifi or bluetooth.

1. Spaceteam – Get Together With Friends to Save Your Spaceship

Spaceteam involves navigating your way through complicated predicaments during space travel with teamwork. With friends you can maneuver your spaceship in order to do damage control and attempt to get to safety. This game can be hectic, but is bound to get your energy up with your friends. The best part is that Spaceteam is completely free.

2. Real Racing 3 – Push the Pedal Against Friends On Facebook

Real Racing can be played on wifi or bluetooth, but also requires you to log in through Facebook to complete. You can race against your friends in real-time or even race your best time and leave it to your friends to beat that time later on. This is another free game for you and your friends to enjoy on Android or IOS. Continue reading

The Most Common Types of Attacks on Computer Networks

Every organization in existence today owns multiple gadgets, smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs, and it has become essential to develop a network between all such devices to allow for seamless data sharing.

Indeed, with the inception of technologies such as Google ChromeCast, MiraCast, and Wi-Fi direct, there is absolutely no gadget which you cannot wirelessly connect to all other devices. Of course, this amazing feat of science comes with a huge drawback; networks are prone to attacks from hackers, viruses, and bots, so you must steer clear from these. Continue reading

How to Retrieve Your Forgotten Wi-Fi Password

In order to protect your wireless internet connections from being tampered by unauthorized sources; one is required to input a WAP key, which is the password that is needed for securing wireless networks. In general, once you get your system hooked on to the Wi-Fi wireless router, one is asked to key in the security password or the WPA code. However once the code has been accepted, the password is automatically remembered by the system. So it is not needed to reenter the password once again. Continue reading

Broadcom's acquisition of Renesas

A Brief Outline of Broadcom’s Acquisition of Renesas

Broadcom Corporation, which is abbreviated as (NASDAQ: BRCM) is a global leader in semiconductor solutions both the field of wired and also wireless communication systems. Of late Broadcom Corporation has announced on 4th of Sept 2013 the agreement for the acquisition of LTE based assets from many affiliates belonging to the Japanese chip vendor Renesas Electronic Corporation.

This revolutionary state of the art acquisition is very likely to accelerate the availability of NASDAQ: BRCM’s very first multimodal carrier-validated dual core LTE SoC developed by Renesas Mobile early in the year of 2014. Continue reading

Home Wireless Network

Why You Should Secure Your Home Wireless Network

There are a lot of idle cyber junkies sitting out there – whose activity of fun denotes breaking into unsecured networks, hacking them and leave funny messages – slogans of victory, as if they have conquered an enemy fort. They get an exorbitant amount of high from such activities, its like online opium for them. With Internet ruling our lives in most phases of business and transactions, one has to protect their systems and gadgets from these online parasites. Therefore it is for these very reasons that online security is a big business. Hence setting up ones router’s security protocols, one could sleep better at night. It is like thwarting the online terrorists from having their way. The easy part is setting up ones wireless network or router, but the crus forms in locking it down. As such wireless networks are less secure than wired ones so one has to a bit extra careful to foil intruders. Continue reading


Brief history of Broadcom

Broadcom Corporation is an American based semiconductor company dealing only in the wireless and broadband communication industry. The company has headquarter in Irvine, headed by a professor-student pair named Henry Samueli and Henry T. Nicholas III who qualified from the University of California, Los Angelesin the year 1991. The company moved from Westwood, Californiaoffice to Irvine, California in the year 1995. Broadcom became a public company on the NASDAQ exchange ticker symbol- BRCMin 1998 and now employs around 11,750 people global in more than fifteen countries. Continue reading

Techie DIY Project: Make your own WiFi Extension Booster

In this modern world, WiFi internet has exponentially increased in home, work and schools. Wireless technology has made connecting to the internet more convenient than ever. If you’re like most people, your home network includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones – all must be connected wireless through one router.

But the problems you might be facing are having limited range of your WiFi signal and there might be some deadspots in certain parts of the home. So what should you do if your wireless signal doesn’t reach every corner of your home? The answer is to make and implement your own WiFi booster. Continue reading