Benefits of installing a garden weather station

In agriculture, the weather plays a vital role so that the crops can grow healthier, but it takes so much time and effort to grow. When it is sudden drought or a climatic can destroy all the crops and motivation of a farmer in one day.

Indeed, climatic changes can’t be avoided, but you can predict them when installing a weather station in your field. The weather station alerts you prior, so you can execute the precautionary steps to protect your garden or field from extreme weather.

So it is essential to know what weather stations are and what they are used for to assess the importance of this tool in their field and gardens. Here we’ve explained it in detail.

Benefits of installing a garden weather station

Why a weather station?

The fundamental role of the climate in agriculture is essential to be successful so that the fruits grow and for a better harvest. For this, even before the meteorological stations existed, some experts tried to know all the data they now provide us.

With advances in technology, it is becoming easier to predict what the weather will be like in the following days, making it easier for the farmer to harvest his crop earlier or protect it from inclement weather. 

Some types of vegetables need particular conditions, not only to live but also for their quality. Farmers need precision tools to manage humidity and temperature in these situations, especially in greenhouses.

Main benefits of weather stations

benefits of weather stations

We consider the importance of a weather station in agriculture and the main advantages or benefits of having a weather station.

  • Cost savings, taking advantage of the natural water offered by rainfall and obtaining nutrients from vegetables when this occurs. Thus, for example, supplementation can be saved for more difficult times.
  • Water savings. Plants need to drink, and lots of it. But also, if they are given too much water, they can drown. Knowing what the weather is like, you can manage water much better, using the right and necessary amount when knowing if it will rain.
  • Save time and improve organization. In other words, you will know what days you have to work and what tasks you have to do these days, knowing that maybe it will rain in a few more days. 
  • Helps make decisions. Whether for the use of pesticides, planting, or many other tasks that need a specific time, some inclement weather can make everything go to waste.
  • Greater precision in climate calculation. Yes, joint pain is not the most accurate way to know if it will rain, but a good weather station will provide you with all the necessary data to make the best management in agriculture. 

What data can a weather station measure?

The sensors of the instruments of a weather station, depending on their type, can collect a large amount of data. The most common and related to agriculture are:

  • Temperature, being able to monitor monthly and follow the daily changes.
  • Humidity, both in ambient air and on land. This will help you know whether to water today or wait for a drier day.
  • Air pressure helps forecast storms and precipitation.
  • Wind speed and direction are also related to the above.
  • Rainfall, knowing how much water has fallen in a given time.


Professional garden weather stations are always the best option for these situations, as they provide greater precision in their measurements and have all the essential instruments for fieldwork. Some even more, although they affect in a minor way.

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Best Hydroid Builds – A Beginners Guide

Warframe Hydroid Build

Like other Warframe Builds, Hydroid is one of the Warframes which is loved by many players. Hydroid is a water-based Warframe Build with unique skill sets and ability strength. With his ultimate abilities, Hydroid Build can control water and uncovers monstrous tentacles against his rivals.

The passive ability of Hydroid is Deep Tendril which engenders a chance to surrender a tentacle from the melee attack. Those who love destroying things in a great approach will choose this Warframe Build. Are you the one who loves Hydroid? Looking for the best Hydroid Builds. You’re in the right place. 

Best Hydroid Builds

Usually, Warframe Hydroid is used in a premade farming group. Hence, you need not required to use an Energy siphon or Rejuvenation. To get a perfect Warframe Hydroid Build you need to consider the following things. In case, if you are planning to go for a solo mission, then choosing an aura will be good enough.

The abilities strength of the Hydroid build will have some effects on the tidal surge, tempest barrage, and base damage. Below, we’ve provided some guidelines to get the best Harrow Builds. Make use of the recommended builds for Hydroid on Warframe.

Pilfering Hydroid Build

As we mentioned earlier, Warframe Hydroid is used for farming groups. Hence, make use of Pilfering swarm ability which is the primary part of the Hydroid Build. While the rivals are attached to tentacles, Pilfering Hydroid offers an added energy drop. All you required to do is press 4 and hold for some moments in order to release the Tentacle Swarm ability. Overall, it is quite a dedicated and clean Hydroid build that can be used for farming. 

Using Pilfering Hydroid Build will increase the youRange ability and duration ability. These two abilities are quite enough to kill high-level foes. The strength ability of the Hydroid build is pretty enough to handle the low-level mobs. The blend of these three abilities is good for survivability. Also, to add more strength to the build, use Forma and mods like Sacrifice or Umbral Intensify. 

Undertaking Hydroid Build

Undertowing is a standard and balanced Hydroid Build. But to get the Build, you need a solid tank in order to deal with the damage amount. Even, you can trap the rivals in your path by pressing 3 and hold it. This will transform you into the water. For other foes who are not on the Hydroid path, use the tentacles to hook it up. We suggest you make use of the ultimate ability while in water to deal with a lot of damages that the rivals who are trapped inside the pool. 

Furthermore, Undertaking Hydroid Build is pretty familiar and similar to the Pilfering Hydroid Build. So, you can deal a good amount of rage and strength to kill your foes. Equip this Undertaking Hydroid Build and destroy your foes in the battleground.

Final Words

Hydroid Build, the deadly Warframe which is used for farming resources. Equip the suitable Hydroid Build which will make you a perfect Warframe Build. Enhance your Warframe with any of these Builds and destroy your enemies in the battleground.

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How To Get QR Codes In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

QR Codes in Pokemon

This article is about the methods that a player can follow in order to get QR codes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, developed by Game Freak and published by ‘The Pokémon Company’ and ‘Nintendo’ for playing on the Nintendo 3DS, was launched worldwide on 17th November 2017. The game was developed as a part of the seventh generation of the Pokémon video game series and are enhanced versions of the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. 

The game follows the journey of a young Pokémon trainer in the Alola region (Hawaii) and the game remains the same as in the previous installments. The slight differences lie in the use of an alternate storyline along with some new gameplay characters and features, Pokémon as well as new version mascots of legendary Pokémon characters. 

Pokemon QR codes:

One of the favorite features of the game is that of the QR codes which enable the player to scan these codes in order to catch new Pokémon. The player needs to have a little progress in the game before he can unlock this feature and get access to the QR Scanner in the game.

The best part about these QR scanners is that the players can use the Nintendo 3DS camera to scan the QR codes available in the real world along with the ones available in the game.

The game would successfully scan the real-world QR codes irrespective of whether they are related to the game or not and make some necessary calculations in order to attach a Pokémon to the scanned code. The players have a win-win situation here since scanning any QR code would give them something in return.

How It Works:

The Pokémon is registered as ‘seen’ in the Pokedex and the player can visit the in-game menu and locate the current habitat and location of the scanned Pokémon and move to the said location to catch the same.

The better option for scanning would be the QR codes available in the game. Each Pokémon has its own individual and unique QR code. One point that needs to be noted here is that scanning the QR code of a Pokémon does not entitle the player to own it.

However, the rules of the game permit the player to use the QR scanner 10 times a day and the player is awarded 10 points. Every 100 points collected by the scans would allow the player to then use the Island Scan feature in the game. 

The Island Scanner enables the player to catch a non-Alolan Pokémon that is available at the current island of the player. The player gets an hour to catch the Pokémon after he has started using the Island Scan and has only one chance at a battle to win it.

After this, the player has to wait for 2 hours before he can use this feature again. The player can access the Island Scan by going to the in-game menu and open the Island Scanner. He can now locate the Pokémon available for that day and he has the next 1 hour in order to catch it. 

How to get QR Codes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  • In order to view the QR codes for a Pokémon, the player can go to the Pokedex page.
  • Click on the page of a Pokémon after he has spotted one.
  • The screen will now open to view the QR code of the given Pokémon and scan it by using the Nintendo 3DSs camera functionality. 

Another way to get the QR codes is the multiple sites available online where these sites feature a complete list of QR codes for all the Pokémons available in the game.

Since the Nintendo 3DS camera allows the scanning of codes in the real world, the players can scan the codes from these sites and get the real-time location of that particular Pokémon.

He would be getting points for his scan and would soon be able to unlock the Island Scanner and capture the special Pokémon available in the game until and unless he successfully manages to complete the entire set.  This is how one can get QR Codes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


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Top 3 Best Kodi Sports Addons Updated List

So you have successfully installed Kodi on your streaming device. But installing Kodi on your device doesn’t do the magic for you. To exploit Kodi for its full features and benefits, you will need Kodi addons. 

That is why we have made the top 3 best Kodi Addons list. These add-ons allow users to access streaming services, TV channels, music and radio stations and more. Setting up these add-ons on your device is pretty easier and for step by step set-up process, you can refer to the sports addons install guide.

kodi sports addon updated

Top 3 Best Kodi Sports Addons

1. The Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is one of the most popular Kodi addons for over a year. At the time, it grew by adding new types of content and adding complete offers. You can use the Magic Dragon to search and play movies, TV shows, documentaries, music, cartoons, and more.

The Magic Dragon, a powerful all-in-one add-on for a wide variety of content. However, our readers informed us that there were times when this add-on was offline. So we wanted to find an alternative.

Magic Dragon offers a complete range of sports content, movies and TV shows, and radio channels. It relies on many third-party sources, which means you can always find a connection that works. A large library is waiting for you with many HD video files. 

Repository URL:

2. The Crew

This is a newly released Kodi addon, that everyone has to try. This is one of the trending and hottest addons at present and it has attained its popularity in the Kodi community. It’s an all in one addon, but it brings you about any type of content that you could possibly imagine. 

Whatever you search for, whether it may be Sports, IPTV, cartoons, movies m TV shows, and much more, The Crew got it covered for you. It’s more like a one-stop addon where everyone can find what they are looking for. It also has a new ‘1 click’ category, under that, you will find HD and 4K movies. 

Repository URL:

3. Exodus Redux 

This is a fork of Exodus – one of the best and favorite Kodi addon of all time. It may be a forked version of Exodus but it got a complete set of different addons list that are most preferable. We highly recommend it to you. That’s why we suggested it in our list. 

The user interface and appearance are most likely similar to Exodus. This doesn’t mean that both are the same. Exodus just takes everything that is good about the original addon and add its own content. You will be able to find a lot of new categories and most importantly you will get a lot of scrapers. 

Repository URL:


These addons are compatible with all the versions of Kodi and can be installed without any problems. We are constantly testing these add-ons and will keep you updated. In the meantime, it would be great if you could post us with your findings. Leave us a note through the comments section at the end of this article. It will not only help you but also your fellow users.

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How to Install and Customize Rainmeter Skins on Your PC

Rainmeter is a lightweight application for customizing the Windows desktop. Rainmeter works by installing “masks” created by the community, many of which can change the way the desktop works with widgets such as application launchers, RSS and email readers, calendars, weather reports, and more.

It has been in circulation since Windows XP, where it was used as a tool to display basic information about the desktop, but since then it has acquired a large community that has produced high-quality skinsthat can change the desktop experience complete.

How to install rainmeter

Rainmeter is an open-source program that can be downloaded from its official website. If you want the latest updates, you can also create it from the source code of your Github repository.

Rainmeter can also be installed in a portable way, but this is not recommended. The standard installation works perfectly.

The installation is simple, but make sure that “Start Rainmeter on startup” is selected, otherwise it will have to be restarted manually after a reboot.

After installing rainmeter  you should see new things on your desktop, showing new things like disk and CPU usage. This is the default Rainmeter mask.

To access the Rainmeter settings, right-click one of the masks and click “Manage Masks”. A window will appear listing all the installed masks. By clicking on “Active Masks”, you can manage them indi

You can change the location and settings of each mask. If you do not want it to be draggable, deselect “Trace” and click “Click”. This will also disable the context menu, but fortunately, Rainmeter adds an icon to the Windows toolbar, which also allows access to the menu.

Finding and installation of Rainmeter skins

The default Rainmeter mask is useful but quite boring. There are many sites to display Rainmeter masks, including DeviantArt,, and the Rainmeter subreddit. The “Top – All-Time” classification of Subreddit shows some of the best patterns and masks. The masks of these sites can be downloaded, mixed and combined at your choice. To know about best rainmeters skins and customizations, check out rainmeter skins and themes.

To install a skin, double-click the .rmskin file. The Rainmeter window will appear, allowing you to install and activate the mask. For some masks, there are many features. If you do not want to load everything at the same time, clear the “Load included skins” checkbox and Rainmeter will simply add them to your masks list.

Tweaks in Rainmeter

Rainmeter allows an incredible amount of customization. If you want to get your hands dirty with the code behind the skins, it’s not too complex. Right-click on a mask and press “Edit skin”, which will display a configuration file with many variable definitions.

For example, if you want to change the color of the outer edge of this watch, you can change the values ​​of the variable that controls it. Most skins have comments in the configuration file, so it’s easy to know what controls what.

Rainmeter alternatives

If you are on Mac or Linux, unfortunately, you have no luck, because there is no Rainmeter compilation for OS X or Linux. For Mac users, there is Geektool, which performs many of the same basic functions as displaying desktop information and some basic widgets, although no large community follows it, so the mask options are limited.

Geektool is also limited. much more oriented towards people familiar with the command line because it runs almost completely in bash scripts.

Final Words

So here is how to install and customize rainmeter based on your choices. We have given step by step installation with pictures for clear understanding. We hope this article helps.

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How to Jailbreak FireStick in 3 steps

jailbreak 3 steps

In this guide, we will show you how to jailbreak firestick.


 Firestick is an incredibly popular streaming device. This feature-rich device is a low-cost solution to convert any regular TV with HDMI compatibility into a smart TV. Firestick lets you stream content from a variety of online media and entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, and serval TV networks.

What is Firestick jailbreak?

Jailbreaking allows you to get third-party streaming apps that give you free access to all your favorite movies, live TV channels, sports and more. Yea! Jailbreaking a Firestick is totally legal.

How to Jailbreak Firestick?

Amazon Fire Stick jailbreak process isn’t exactly a cakewalk, it’s not some rocket either. I have broken this process easier, just make sure you follow the instructions exactly as provided and you will have a jailbroken firestick within minutes. I have seen many people facing legal battles for selling jailbroken FireSticks.

Just follow the steps mentioned below and it will be able to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick easily.

Step 1: Setting Up FireStick for jailbreaking

  1. Select the Settings on the FireStick home-screen using your remote (option on the far right on the top).
  2.  Now click and select My Fire TV (or Device on FireSticks with older software).
  3. Open the Developer Options on the next screen.
  4. Now simply enable or switch ON the: Apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn on when prompted.

Step 2: Install the File Explorer on FireStick

ES File Explorer happens to be a wonderful File Manager application. At the same time, it is also a very handy side-loading tool for amazon firestick. This app is free and you can download it from the Amazon App Store easily.

You will need ES File Explorer to jailbreak FireStick and install different streaming apps on it. You can download it easily within a minute from the Amazon App Store, for free.

  1. Go to the FireStick home-screen and use your remote to select the Search option in the top-right corner of the display.
  2. Now search for ES File Explorer using the on-screen keypad. Click on the ES File Explorer when you see it in the search result. 
  3. Click on the ES File Explorer icon on the next screen and Download on the screen that follows.
  4. Now, open to launch the ES File Explorer app.

Step 3: Jailbreak FireStick

         Installing Kodi is the last and final step to jailbreaking FireStick. Kodi is a media application, which gives you access to the huge world of free entertainment. It allows you to watch your favorite Movies, Shows, TV channels, Sports, and a lot more. Yes, now you can stream anything you want. All you need is the right Kodi Add-ons and Builds.

We will be jailbreak FireStick with Kodi using the ES File Explorer app that you just downloaded from the Amazon Store.

  1. Click the Downloader icon on the right part of the home screen, in the ES file explorer.
  2. Click +New in the bottom.
  3.  Enter the following URL where it says path:
  4. Type Kodi 18 in the name section.
  5. Click on the Download Now.
  6. Wait for the ES File Explorer app to download the Kodi 18.3 APK
  7. Click on the Open File and Install.
  8. Click Install on the window that appears next.
  9. Wait for the Kodi app to install and it should not take more than a minute.
  10. App Installed notification will confirm that Kodi has been installed on FireStick.

Great! Now your Firestick is Jailbroken.



So, that is how you will jailbreak FireStick with Kodi and gain access to unlimited free content for nonstop streaming. The jailbreak is not only easy but also completely risk-free. If you run into any trouble, feel free to drop us a comment below. We will do our best to take care of our issues.

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Why AdSpy is The NO.1 SPY Tool in the Market

Why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool in the market.

To break through in the highly dynamic online marketing arena, you need every advantage.

Nowadays, there is no digital marketing without Spy Tools. Spy Tools enable you to see what your competitors are doing. With any luck, you can tweak their strategies a little and experience the same level of success.

The market is chockfull of Spy Tools. Actually, the problem is not if you can find a Spy Tool; the problem is which one you should choose.

To help you along, today we will review one of the best Spy Tools in the market; AdSpy!

What is AdSpy and How Does it Work?

AdSpy is a sort of double-blessing. It is both a Facebook Spy Tool and a PPC tool.

In essence, AdSpy cracks open social media platforms to reveal the best Ads that you need to see.

It has the largest database of Ads in the market with over 75 million Ads, 12 million Advertisers, across 198 countries.

AdSpy enables you to view and copy your competitor’s Ads and leverage the two largest social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram.

You can rest assured that if there is an Ad worth seeing, AdSpy has it.

AdSpy Features

The best way to gauge the functionality of a Spy Tool is to understand the best features. Here are AdSpy’s most outstanding features.

1. Big Data

As earlier stated, AdSpy has the largest database of Ads. This database is ever expanding.

For this reason, be assured that you are reviewing all the Ads available because… in their own words;

“Leave no stone unturned”

2. Enhanced Basic Search

With AdSpy’s Enhanced Basic Search, you can search for pretty much anything. You can search by Ad Text, Advertiser’s Name, Number of Likes or Type of Device.

After the results are in, you can filter by Last Seen, Impressions or how long the Ad has been running among others.

In a nutshell, AdSpy Enhanced Basic Search can be as simple or as complex as you want.

3. Search by Keywords

Who knew you can search for Ads using only social media interaction?

Well, you can!

AdSpy enables you to cleverly place Keyword Searches into social media comments. This way, you can spy on how customers react to certain Ads.

Also, you can see how your competitors interact with their audience.

4. In-depth Demographics

We all know the importance of targeting in digital marketing. In essence, you want to reach the right audience at the right time in order to get conversions.

AdSpy helps you see which demographics your competitors are working. This is important in revealing if you are targeting the right audience.

Who knows, there could be a whole new demographic you never thought to target!

This articles only covers the basic features. There are a lot more things to know about Adspy tool.

AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy has one of the simplest pricing methods.

There is a single package at $149 a month for unlimited access to all AdSpy features.

Hurry and Grab our AdSpy Coupon to get the Best Offer!

AdSpy rewards you with Free Credits once you sign-up. The Free Credits are their way of giving a Free Trial. Use the Free Credits to get a feel of how AdSpy works. So what are you waiting for!

Final Thoughts

AdSpy is a giant in the Spy Tool business. You will definitely get your money’s worth if you get on board.

However, as we earlier stated, it’s a competitive market for Spy Tools. Do your research and find the best one for your business. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

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Working Kodi Add-ons for Streaming Movies in 2019

Are you looking to stream movies using the different Kodi Adonis in 2019? That you can enjoy viewing experience. No other website gives you the best? It’s the right time to get what you want! There are 100+ Kodi addons found over the internet, we have listed the best movies Kodi add-ons below.

10 Best Kodi Add-ons in April 2019

  1. Exodus 8.0
  2. The Magic Dragon
  3. YouTube
  4. Netflix
  5. Yoda
  6. Maverick TV
  7. Mobdro
  8. USTVnow

1. Exodus 8.0

Exodus has been picked up as up and coming developer as know as Kodi Bae. The good news is that the new Exodus interface still looks the same as before. Abundant movie options are also available with Exodus for streaming. The filters and search functionalities along with the genre division of media and it become easier for the users to locate their content also you can search for contents using the name of the cast members. We are sure that you’re going to enjoy using exodus, which is one of the best Kodi addons 2019.

2. The Magic Dragon

The magic dragon is one of the newly released Kodi add-ons, which brings a whole range of content that begins with movies and TV Shows. It hosts multiple categories of content from movies to TV shows, sports and radio channels, etc.. It relies on a number of third-party sources, that you’ll always find a working link. This addon has a site design which is easy to manage navigation and properly arrange the categories making you video search easier. Huge library awaits, with numerous of HD video files.

3. YouTube

YouTube remains the most popular source for TV shows and movies. You can find any movie or TV show, whether full episodes or videos clips. The best part of using the YouTube addon you don’t even get the annoying advertisements that play before your videos either. You won’t able to access content until you pair your device while trying to use the YouTube add-on

4. Netflix

You can watch Netflix through Kodi v.18, you’ll get access to your entire Netflix library through this addon, including search functions. Netflix is known as netfliXMBC which allow you to stream all your favorite movies and TV shows from the world’s most popular media center.

5. Yoda

Yoda is another addon that uses the same code as Exodus. We like the fact that you can find some unique categories here, that makes Yoda stand out from the rest. It offers movies and TV shows, with plenty of sub-categories to choose from. The main screen of Yoda also gives you quick access to documentaries and there’s an option to watch TV shows based on their home network.

6. Maverick TV

Maverick TV is another best Kodi add-ons currently available from the Maverick repository. It allows you to stream movies, TV Shows, sports and even Live TV. No matter what you are looking for Maverick TV will provide the content to you, with its excellent source to find a variety of content. It is well maintained by the developers and even though it is a third party addon, it is safe to use. If you want to have access to an endless media library that you can play anything, anytime and this is the right addon for you.

7. Mobdro

Mobdro is a great addon for Kodi platform, where many of the users are already familiar with the mobdro. This add-on offers a huge collection of content making it a popular form of entertainment among Kodi users. There are sections like movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports, etc. It is also a famous source for providing IPTV channels and shows them for you to enjoy the streaming at the comfort of your home.

8. USTVnow

It is an interesting service brings a nice selection of live TV channels from the USA. With free of charge and watch a few channels without any restrictions. USTVNow is a fully legal addon created for Kodi. It means that you can simply use the search tool to look and install. Make sure to sign up for this service before installing the addon, to activate the account.


We hope that you have found this article helpful and we are interested in hearing what our readers think about, you can feel free to share your comments with us in the below comment section.


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How to Fix bad_module_info error while gaming


This error occurs mainly when your game gets crashes and an error message pops up “bad_module_info has stopped working”. This crash error happens mostly after they install the Windows 10 creators update. It is easy to fix the problem and get back to the gaming. Here we go with a few things that you can try to fix this problem.

Method 1: Windows Key

While you play a game and you see the “bad_module_info has stopped working”, the first thing you have to do is put your game in the background. You have to press the Windows logo key on your keyboard when you see this error. After a couple of minutes, you can get back into your game.

Method 2: Disabling Fullscreen

The full screen optimization is a feature introduced by the windows to improve their graphics performance. Sometimes this feature can crash your games. It’s better to disable it to get rid of the bad module info error. The following steps is to disable the fullscreen optimization:

  1. Go to the Properties of your game, by right-clicking on it.
  2. Click on the Compatibility tab and select the Disable fullscreen optimizations check box.
  3. Click ok to save your changes

Now you can run your game and see the issue is fixed or not.

Method 3: Driver Updates

Due to the out of date update or wrong device drivers installed, the bad module info crash error may occur. You have to update all your drivers up to date, to get prevent from the crashes. You can do it with the help of Drive Easy. 

Method 4: PC restart

Steps how to reset your PC:

Whenever your game gets crashed or the bad module info error displays, you need to restart your PC. This won’t delete all your personal files and data.

  • Click on the Start button and press the Power button.
  • Press and hold on your Shift key on your keyboard and then click Restart.
  • Select the Troubleshoot option and then select the Reset this PC.
  • Choose the option Keep my files and then restart your computer.
  • Enter your account and password to continue the process.
  • Click the Reset button and wait until the process gets completed.


If you are still having the issues after trying the solutions, let us know. You are free to leave a comment below, so that we can do our best to help you.

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How to Fix Critical Service failed error in Windows 10

The critical service failed error message appears on your screen with the error code 0x000000EF, it means that your computer’s critical system process has died. This can affect the system hardware like the hard disk drive, system processor, system memory. It generally appears when a critical system process died with an error code 0x000000EF or a blue screen. When the system fails to run it crashes the OS with a critical process died to stop error 0x000000EF or the blue screen appears on your Windows PC or Laptop.


  • Very common cause is incorrectly configured or corrupted device drivers.
  • Corruption in windows registry.
  • Virus infection that corrupt the windows system files or program files.
  • Damaged drivers related to windows operating system.
  • Damaged Hard Disk Drive.
  • Error due to RAM(memory) corruption.

Common Error messages:

  • This error appears and the active programs on your windows get crashes.
  • It displays STOP error 0x5A: CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED .
  • PC gets crashes with error 0x5A , when you run the same program.
  • Computer hangs up regularly for a few minutes.
  • The mouse and keyboard responds slow and slow.


Fix 1: The system files are in working condition

To verify the system files Two main options first is SFC command and the second one is DISM. Both of these options are tried to verify and fix the system files

Run SFC command:

  • Open the command prompt with administrator privilege.
  • Run the SFC command in the command prompt. Type sfc/scannow command to do this.
  • It takes few minutes to complete this process. Reboot your computer after the completion of this command.


Deployment Image Servicing and Management is the tool that specially designed to check the system and fixes the blue screen of death error.

  • Open and Run the command prompt with the administrator privilege.
  • Type the following commands one bye one, by pressing enter key after each command.
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Reboot your computer after the completions of this command.

Fix 3:Update System Drivers

Outdated system’s drivers can affect the performance of your computer and may trigger critical process died issues. It is recommended to update and repair all the system drivers in your system.

  1. Start->Device Manager
  2. Right click on it and find the name of your device and choose the Update driver.
  3. Select the Search automatically for updated driver software.
  4. Visit the device manufacture’s official website and download the update, if you unable to find the new driver.
  5. Reboot your PC at last and Windows system will reinstall the drivers.


The above discussed solutions are effective and it allows you to deal with the “Critical_Process_Died” blues screen of death error. The given fixes will help you to make your PC free from the errors. Scan your PC with a professional PC repair tool after fixing these issues. It fixes all type of PC issues like BSOD error, DLL errors, registry issues, slow PC performance and more.

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